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City Prosperity Initiative

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

UN-Habitat's City Prosperity Initiative (CPI) is a global initiative that to date covers more than 300 cities across the world. The CPI offers a diagnosis of the opportunities and challenges that cities are facing. The CPI is being adopted as a monitoring framework of the urban Sustainable Development Goals� (SDGs) targets and indicators. The CPI is a composite index used to measure how cities create and distribute socio-economic benefits or prosperity and the overall achievements of the city through the definition of six categories. The six dimensions of the Index are: i) Productivity; ii) Infrastructure Development; iii) Quality of Life; iv) Equity and Social Inclusion; v) Environmental Sustainability; and vi) Urban Governance and Legislation. The website provides cities' raw data, a comparison tool and an index tool for city benchmarking.

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