UCCRTF grant to boost public private partnerships for climate resilient infrastructure in the Philippines 

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July 2019

A new grant from the Asian Development Bank’s Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF), has been approved to support public–private partnerships (PPP) that build climate resilience in the Philippines. 

The grant will be delivered through a new facility of the Philippine’s Public–Private Partnership Center, which serves as the government's facilitator and catalyst in pursuing and delivering PPP projects. The center is now establishing a new Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF) to help local governments and other entities to implement PPP projects that focus on developing climate resilient infrastructure projects. 

“The PPP Center is currently in the process of creating a regional PDMF to help strengthen the capacities of local implementing agencies in identifying and analyzing climate change issues like mitigation and adaptation in their PPP project portfolio,” said PPP Center Director for Project Development and Monitoring Facility Service Lerma Advincula. 

The UCCRTF grant will be processed through the PDMF to support PPP projects that provide climate resilient infrastructure to vulnerable communities. The funds will be channeled toward projects relating to renewable energy, water, sanitation, solid waste management, open and green spaces, food security, flood control, disaster risk management, and green vertical development. 

Under the regional PDMF, local governments, local water districts, economic zones, and state universities and colleges can be given assistance in developing business case of their various PPP projects. Once the business cases are submitted, promising projects will be considered for a feasibility study.  


Will Bugler
Will is a climate risk and resilience communications expert working for climate adaptation advisory firm Acclimatise. He is currently working with the UCCRTF for knowledge sharing and communications.

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