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There isn't a single design or style that defines the Couple Rings Set. They are as diverse as their future owners, and the contemporary jewelry industry and artisans can provide unlimited creativity and elegance in their precious holdings.

However engagement rings are designed to be worn in conjunction with other rings, particularly an engagement ring, here are some suggestions on the most suitable style and size of such rings.

In general, the rings should be discreet and slim, they can be paired in many ways, and shouldn't be too flashy to obscure the engagement or wedding ring. The rest is up to you. If you are looking for the finger that has the ring of promise, this is what you need to be aware of. There are also basic answers.


If an engagement ring is a large one, such as one with a large solitaire diamond, or other large stone in a halo of smaller stones (think of the Duchess's famous sapphire ring) Then a complimentary engagement ring might have smaller diamonds. A ring with a starry diamond drop is elegant by itself, and works well with other rings.


These are the most adaptable designs. They are usually unisex and come in sets that are similar, so you can clearly show your bond with someone else. You can get an gold or silver band ring or even a bimetal ring in which the outer edges are made of yellow gold while the middle portion is white gold. These rings can be mistaken as wedding rings. To avoid confusion the promise ring must be put on one finger different from the ring finger.


This is a stylish and sensible way to choose the right ring for your promise. If you know that your loved one is in the spiritual realm and knows his or her birthstone (or the stone of the zodiac or lucky stone in general) You can confidently purchase a ring that has this stone. These are the common gemstones such as moonstones and opals. You can find rings with a small piece of these stones. The ring therefore has a double significance for the owner and she can explain to others the meaning of a promise ring on her hand means without getting into personal details.


A cluster of sparkling stones can appear like an enormous diamond. The delicate stone is more subtle and looks better with larger rings. You can pick a cluster that appears to be an individual stone until you get close to it, or even a combination of dark and lighter stones that look like the look of a mosaic.


Signet rings are all the rage in recent times and remain popular. Select a ring with smaller seals and you won't regret it.

Rings with heart-shaped elements

The heart is a symbol of love so why not incorporate it in your engagement ring? It could take the form of a heart shaped stone, a faceplate that has the heart shape, a pendant or even a band with a heart design on the front. In any case it will be a unique and fashionable piece.


If you have the money to buy a ring and have it made to be engraved, why not try it? It could be a design that has a special significance for you such as a love phrase, a line from a song - anything worth immortalizing and wearing on your finger.

Rings with a textured surface

In addition to the chiseled ring, the rings with textured surfaces also look intriguing when light hits them from different angles. It could be hammered metal, rough brushed metal, pattern-based hatching on metal, faceted rings, rings that mimic natural textures The options are infinite and it's incredible. These rings are distinctive and instantly attract the attention. So, pick a band that doesn't make an unintentional statement the moment you or your loved one arrives in the room.

Review and dispel 12 common myths and cliches regarding promise rings

Promise rings are the subject of almost as many prejudices and myths as wedding rings. To aid you in overcoming the fear we've collected and eliminated the most commonly used of them.

Promise rings are not a point and don't even care ABOUT ANYTHING.

That is not true. From this point of view it is the case that all symbols and gifts that are shared with one another, meaningless, since it is not the wedding ring that signifies marriage it is an event and a place in the registry book. A promise ring can be viewed as a tangible way to signify your wedding vows. The promise ring on your finger indicates that you've not misunderstood your significant other and that she wants to spend the remainder of her life with you.


There's nothing childish about them. Teenagers are also prone to fall in with someone, especially when they are older and near the legal age. You can also get an engagement ring. These rings are a clear indication that you intend to marry when the right time comes. It's not a joke, but it's an extremely viable alternative to engagement, even if engagement isn't (yet) an option.

PROMISE RINGS can cause unhappiness to the couple or be harmful.

Nope. It's the same as saying that engagement rings are bad luck and no one has tried to suggest this yet. Rings are temporary tokens of love, and they represent commitments. Nothing more and nothing less. If you're still unsure for any reason, do not reveal the ring in front of anyone or tell them that you don't want people to know your plans. Imagine that you learned the magic trick at a town celebration from a wise fortune Teller.

PROMISE RINGS are a joke and UNCOOL.

Who is to say? Why? No, seriously, why? Who came up with this belief? What is stupid about a genuine promise to marry? Then the engagement thing with all the meticulously staged photo shoots and family gatherings is stupid too, in that mindset. Therefore, forget this shaming myth for ever.


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