Our People

Bhuwneshwar Sah: In the conflux of space and time

Despite a limited three-year secondment, this geographic information systems specialist has made a lasting mark in ADB with SPADE, the Spatial Data Analysis Explorer, which is expected to radically enhance not only urban projects but also other areas of ADB operations.

Sasank Vemuri: The preacher’s new clothes

After leaving the United States to start an international development career in Germany, Sasank Vemuri finds himself this time in Southeast Asia, practicing urban resilience rather than just extolling its principles.

Ana Theresa Cervantes: When a would-be lawyer takes a detour

After years of studying law, Tere Cervantes threw in the towel and turned her back on the field. Or so she thought, not quite realizing that development work is also defending people’s basic rights.

Aldrin Plaza: Revealing the complexity behind the simple

As the main man behind Urban’s big boss, Aldrin Plaza has a lot to show for – and does he deliver, with a long list of accomplishments from a military defense base in Saudi Arabia to housing in Ghana, as well as a wish for his country's own capital, Metro Manila.

Ashok Srivastava: Why connection can outrank competency

India is not lacking for smarts, says Ashok, but more than technical know-how, respect and building a relationship with people are tops in his book.

Jocelyn Narciso: A head full of dreams

As someone who likes to wonder, Jocelyn has a list of what she wants to do in life. Naturally, working for ADB is one item she has confidently ticked off.

Lu Shen: Love in a time of scarce water

Chinese-American Lu ended up falling for the water sector despite her background in finance, and so much so that she supposedly holds the moniker, sanitation queen.

Aimee Orbe: Making every second count

This former senior research specialist wasted no time in working for development, and if there was ever any question about her propensity to help others, then her decision to become a full-time ADB staff is the answer—she did it for her family.

Anupma Jain: Infiltrating the institution and instigating change

The senior urban development specialist tells the story of opportunity: seeking it by migrating, seizing it to create change inside enemy lines, and sharing it as a legacy to her own parents’ work, a virtuous cycle.

Kamal Dahanayake: Tapping into Sri Lanka’s salvation

Just as water gave life to his career, so will it cure the suffering of Sri Lanka’s poor and needy.

Teresa Yabut: Making a dent in ADB history

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing change on the ground, except maybe for the pride and satisfaction of helping ADB during one of its most pivotal moments, says Teresa Yabut.

Maria Vicedo Ferrer: Finding purpose in the worst of times

After packing up her bags and bidding Spain adios, Maria headed right into a disaster – she was thrown into a world of emergency response that suddenly has her dedicated to urban resilience.

Edgardo Moises: How procurement is caring for the poor

Edgardo Moises: How procurement is caring for the poor

Supporting the development of cities, Ed debunks the notion that forestry contradicts urban planning and that procurement and contract management are simply clerical.

Akira Matsunaga: Mastering the art of service

Labeled as an economist, Akira Matsunaga is anything but. He is a service provider first and foremost, steadfast in supporting governments, and lo and behold, an erstwhile dancer.

Labeled as an economist, Akira Matsunaga is anything but. He is a service provider first and foremost, steadfast in supporting governments, and lo and behold, an erstwhile dancer.

Amy S.P. Leung: The director general that almost never was

Amy Leung brims with hope for the future of cities and the Sustainable Development and Climate Change department, just as she never lost sight of getting into ADB after failed attempts.

Sangay Penjor: A tale of two dragons

How a former young professional hailing from the Land of the Thunder Dragon became passionate to work on urban and social projects in the Red Dragon of Asia.

Stephane Bessadi: The advantage of being new

With only a year in, Stephane Bessadi still basks in that glow of optimism, ready to push the boundaries of ADB to innovate and introduce technologies that have long been practiced by the private sector.

Eri Honda: The hidden adventure seeker

On first impression Eri is a lady of few words; but on the contrary, her actions reveal a daring nature that spans working with a formerly militia-run country to swimming with hammerhead sharks.