ADB provides adequate infrastructure, governance, and financial support in water resources management, water supply, and sanitation by working with water utilities and promoting water use efficiency.


June 2018 – The country’s largest state combined toilet construction with wide-scale capacity building, behavioral change campaigns, and a three-tiered monitoring process to achieve an open defecation free status in most of its areas.


April 2018 – Recognizing that the city is prone to climate-related stresses and that urban water services need to keep pace with growth, the Kolkata local government has been seriously committed to improving its livability, and both ADB and the national government have taken notice.

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November 2017 – The lack of access to water embeds the poor in a continuing life of poverty. In Madhya Pradesh, this will soon change with an urban services improvement project to be implemented across 64 towns.

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July 2017 – ADB is cofinancing the construction of Song Bung 4, a hydropower plant in the Nam Giang District, Quang Nam Province, in compliance with safeguard requirements and the restoration and improvement of livelihoods of the affected population.


July 2017 – The ADB Flood Management in Selected River Basins Project supports the Government of Indonesia's goal to better manage and mitigate flood risks.


July 2017 – The advent of climate change has been a game changer for all.

July 2017 – The organization saw several transformations in the course of over 7 decades, until it became the Guiyang Beikong Water Group Company.


July 2017 – In South Asia, countries have recognized this need to improve sanitation over the last decade.


June 2017 – Indian cities, which contribute more than 60% of the country’s GDP, face a major challenge in managing their wastewater in a scientific manner.

May 2017 – This handbook provides guidance on integrating the Water Safety Plan approach into ADB's urban water projects to facilitate compliance with global good practices.

May 2017 – After years of suffering pollution, Suzhou Creek is as good as new thanks to an ADB rehabilitation project. 

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ADB's Vision of Livable Cities

Cities contribute to national economic growth, but they can be polluted and overcrowded. Asia’s rapidly developing cities face inadequate basic services, environmental degradation, and increasing poverty. “Livable Cities” is ADB’s vision and approach to urban development. ADB works to support the transformation of developing cities in Asia and the Pacific into safe, sustainable urban centers.

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