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ADB focuses on enhancing the efficiency of government services through information and communication technologies. In particular, ADB is applying space-based technologies that will synergize with city and national databases to help planning practices become more effective by identifying infrastructure improvement based
on a city’s land resources.

March 2018 - The European Space Agency shares how satellite-based technologies can help improve the national transport infrastructure of Papua New Guinea, as well as protect its communities from natural hazards.


March 2018 - Indonesia’s third largest city is increasingly earning a reputation as a smart city. A knowledge partnership between ADB and Singapore ETH Centre is now ensuring it goes beyond the use of information technology—uniting people to become more engaged both online and offline.


February 2018 - Every day there is a disaster happening in some part of the world. In Asia and the Pacific, the occurrences are far more frequent and catastrophic, given the exposure and vulnerability of both assets and the masses. But a tap and a click could soon reduce statistics.


January 2018 – Leveraging on partnerships, the Future Cities technical assistance paved the way for Tbilisi’s ‘project of the century’.

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